There’s this bridge on Bunch Walnuts Road in Chesapeake only a few hundred yards from Triple R Ranch that I’ve been wanting to shoot for a while. I finally got a chance to do it yesterday. I love this bridge!

Bridge on Bunch Walnuts Road

Bridge on Bunch Walnuts Road

Bridge on Bunch Walnuts Road

Bridge on Bunch Walnuts Road

Bridge on Bunch Walnuts Road


4 thoughts

      1. I have been there multiple times with friends and I can assure you that it is extremely haunted. I no longer live in Virginia but while I was there we would go out there in the middle of the night and park off on the side and use a Ouija Board. It started off just because we heard stories about a girl hanging herself there and that she was haunting the place. But after the first two times of going there, we realized that we had brought something back to our apartment with us. Next thing we know, objects are moving on there own. I’m talkin knives, dolls, and anything else. We also had plenty of airsoft BB’s layin around the apartment from shooting indoors. And at times they would come flying at us from another room while we were in the same room as each other. But this didn’t stop us from going to the bridge. While at the bridge, we had the courser fly off the Ouija Board, We heard wildlife start making noises that weren’t like the animals that should have been in Virginia, we saw figures of people along the woodline that weren’t there, We saw and heard the water pick up speed on windless nights. It got pretty crazy at times. And we noticed multiple times when we were driving away, that there were finger prints and marks like someone was clawing at the windshield all over the place on the car. As for whether I was followed or not by whatever was haunting me, I won’t be sure until I get my Ouija Board out of my storage unit because I’m pretty sure it might have latched itself to that.

  1. I’ve been there with my cousin and brother, we parked our car and turned it off, that’s when rocks started to be thrown at the car. We quickly left after that.

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